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How Do I Get Sparc Into My Store?
Just Call Or Send Me An Email With What You Are Interested In Ordering.
I Wholesale For Five Or More Pieces.
I Do Sample Wholesale Orders For First Time Retailers, Which Can Consist Of Two Or More Pieces.

Does Sparc Take Custom Orders?
Yes! Whenever Possible. If You See Something You Would Like Done In Another Metal Or Stone I Can Usually Do It.

How Long Of A Turn-Around Time Is There When Ordering Sparc?
Usually I Can Fill An Order Within Ten Days. If It Is A Custom Order, It Will Take About 2-3 Weeks. If It Will Take Longer Customers And Retailers Are Always Notified.

Can I Get A Specific Length?
Yes. Since All The Work Is Done By Hand I Can Make Any Length Of Anything You See.

Can I Get A Specific Metal?
Yes. I Can Give Any Charm A Gold-Filled Or Sterling Silver Chain. Metals Can Be Mixed And Matched.

Can I Get A Specific Diamond Or Sapphire Color In The Precious Metal Charms?
Yes, If I Don't Have The Color Diamond Or Sapphire You Want, I Can Order One For Any Of The Charms I Cast And Set. It Will Usually Take 3-4 Weeks For The Process.

How Can I Pay For My Sparc Order?
Sparc Takes Paypal Through This Website Automatically Or You Can Call And I Can Take Payment Over The Phone Via Credit Card Or Paypal Payment.

How Long Will It Take To Receive My Sparc Order?
If The Order Is In Stock, It Can Be Shipped Out Within 2 Business Days, And I Will Ship Either UPS Or Priority Mail. If Not I Will Notify You Immediately Upon Payment When You Can Expect Your Sparc Order, If It Is Being Crafted It Usually Takes 10 Days-2 Weeks.

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